In an effort to add more outsourcing, well to add ANY at all, one of the things I wanted to accomplish was to play games through so that others maybe don’t have to. For console, I’ve uploaded 24 videos on Xbox One of a full Nightmare play through for Dead Rising 3, which I really enjoyed, having played through 4 times now. Having completed that and starting a second game Thief, I discovered there is some work to be done with the capture of the HDMI output from the Xbox one console, I won’t get technical, as I’ve only skimmed the issue but its to do with partial and full RGB output and the term “crushing blacks”.

You can see the results in the first 10 or so Dead Rising 3 videos, it was terribly dark (more-so than it should have been) because of this, and from Video 11 onwards I’d actually upped the gamma slider in game to get around it. The goal being to avoid a full re-encode before uploading to Youtube, as well, a copy of a copy of a copy of a copie of aye copee leads to different results than what was originally intended.

Not all games are created equally though. For Thief sadly there is no gamma option in game, the output captured via my PCIExpress Blackmagic Intensity Pro was in essence a wall of black which wasn’t worth the time to watch. Now this isn’t an issue on the PS4 version as its deals with the full RBG output correctly so the bottom end 0-15 isn’t all treated as “display the same shade of black”. I may be wrong, and this may have just been the Xbox version or my capture card, but I wanted to buy something which handled 60fps properly anyway.

The Blackmagic is a great device, but i wanted the PCIE slot back in my gaming rig so it had to go. It also doesn’t do 1080p @60fps, which well for the moment it has that in common with the Xbox one for some titles (I expect this will stop being an issue once people become more familiar with the hardware)

So the Avermedia requires USB3.0, but apparently not just any, the X79 chipset refuses to play nice, after some digging through googles big list of everything on the internet I found some people had the same issue and Avermedia had confirmed a particular aftermarket USB3 card would in fact work(do NOT quote me on this its 2nd hand info).

The Astrokek AT-CPEU3N4 four port PCIE USB3.0 card was in stock from the same vendor and is now ironically sitting in the slot the BMIP was in just the other day. The USB3 testing software which comes with the Avermedia. The downside is I need to use my TV as the output for my capture computer (currently my gaming rig, not the capture box I’ve half setup).


avermedia fail

avermedia fixed

Links to things in this post and where I got them from.

Avermedia Extremecap U3
Four port PCIE USB3 card
Blackmagic Intensity Pro

thief tags

RBG output fail on a game which essentially is a drawer simulator. Not impressed. PS yes this is a Steam tag, I brought the title on XB1. With the dev laying off people this week, I doubt it will be patched. For reference this is the console, not the Xb1 specific version (afaik), I’ve seen the PS4 version and the PC version, neither of which are darkness simulations.

Fourth playthrough, I think im missing one combo weapon, I’ll have to track down a list. I originally wanted to do a 100% run, all challenges all survivors and all psychos but Nightmare mode significantly reduces the time you have, given my linear play I don’t think I can get this done in the 5 and a half days you get. Also unsure if watching the cutscenes actually triggers a pause for the ingame clock, I’ll have to check that.

Lost track of time, not because of the XBone, more so because I had to work all weekend, I’ve started Ryse, which is lots of fun, and crammed a couple of hours into killing Zombie hordes in DR3, which is also a LOT of fun. Will sort out how to upload from the console to YT soon and post some fail achievements as I get them :>