Yes in the between times before GECK was among us and well sometime after, people figured out how to mod Fallout 4. I think it took about 5 hours before Nexusmods had mods up.

Godrays are off as they are His Domain and not for the ken of even SLI 980ti’s….. everything else is maxed @ 1440p which Youtube is kind enough to downscale on me since I have such low viewership. Things to look forward to.


NexusModmanager from
Vogue ENB by Gamevogue – (ver 0.288) A note this is friggin amazing.
4k HD testures – Power Armors – complete pack By Coldchaos
Quieter generator Sounds – By Lemures
Easy Hacking – By Zilav
Easy Lockpicking – By The Iron Rose
Higher Settlement Budget – By Grimtech
Functional Weapon Racks = By SecretAgent99
Simple Intersection – By Draco856
Working Food Planters – by Dominik Rungelrath
FAR – Far Area Reform (LOD) by SparrowPrince
Vivid Fallout – by Hein84
WET – By SparrowPrince
Power Everywhere Long Range Pylon – By Dorpz
Homemaker – Expanded Settlenmetns — By NovaCoru
Scrap Scrap – By Jayrun
Settlement Supplies Expanded 2.5 – Troy Irving
Snap N Build Greenhouse – by ad3d0
Darker Nights – Set to level 5 – by Unforbidable
Pipboyshadows – by McGuffin
Remove Interiror Fog – by Abbalovesyou
VividFallout – Rocks – by Hein84
A little bit of Green – Stephanie Young and Cippriano
Black and White Pipboy – By mm137
Busty v3 – by tonicmole and konitschiwa
Chem Redux by Derp aka herpdesrp2332
Enchanced Blood testures – by dDefinder
Fallout testure overhaul Stars – by Gorgulla
Immersive mouth and teeth by Clearanceclarence
Imrpoved map with visible roads – by mm137
Institute power armore by Jamie1992 AKA Steelhawk
Eyes of Beauty Fallout edition by Lograam aka Gabriel Mailhot

NBN Speeds

So things tanked for a bit, not enough backhaul, this was due to Netflix, speeds were lower that ADSL1, so 3 / 20, was fixed and seems ok~ish for the most part now.

Took the clans a while to sort themselves out but its now live. Just have to fight the queue’s and I can defend Big Butte and a raft of other planets I couldn’t pronounce as a kid reading Battletech books. GG!

I have to say 12 v 12 with 48 Mechs each side is a tonne of goodness (you can respawn 3 times per pilot in different mechs)


It’s also included two new maps based around attack/defence of an installation, they’re new and enjoyable and this whole mode was promised for shortly after launch. Took PGI a while but I’ve not seen this may of my Merc Corp on for a long time and the number of people playing is definately up (which is a good thing).