So there is a lot of love for a mech that has a lot of BAD going on for it. The Urbanmech is the proverbial pariah of the Mechwarrior Universe, its a complete piece of junk, with ridiculous a loadout check it out here under UM-R60

Anyway PGI teased it as an April fools joke last year, and to be honest a lot of people would have actually payed for it just to troll. I know I would have. I want to learn Blender to play round with Star Citizen content creation and wanted something roughly symmetrical and simple to build. So Urbie it is (I built a coffee cup earlier). Hopefully he will be walking and smoking aces by the time the clan C-bill roll out is done in December. Oh with a mustache, cigar and top hat too.

urby 3

So the two big ships i missed I can still get with LTI, Catterpillar and the Starfarer will finally join my fleet. Lifetime insurance is nice too.