NBN Speeds

So things tanked for a bit, not enough backhaul, this was due to Netflix, speeds were lower that ADSL1, so 3 / 20, was fixed and seems ok~ish for the most part now.

… gg NBN well no, my ISP hasn’t adequately catered for the massive increase in data throughput during peak times, I’ve scored lower than this and als much much higher,

Oversubscribed NBN interconnects FTL!


I normally wouldn’t post something which identifies someone but there has been a bit of discourse the last couple of days between an upset homeowner who recently moved somewhere with no (useful) internet connectivity and the Communications minister who is responsible for the countries NBN rollout. The people involved are all over various news websites, so since its in the public eye already names can stay.

Not making any judgements, but as someone currently looking for a house the abhorrent lack or real info on where NBN is available is lacking enough for me to call BS on the whole thing. Anyway full details of the back and forth start here, it has as all things on the internet being missing from certain parts of the country and the minister responsible saying maybe check before buying a house.

Full disclosure, I’m actively trying to find a place which meets both mine (NBN and not 50 years old) and my lovely wife’s guidelines for ticking all the boxes (that last bit is estate agent vernacular). It’s proving to NOT be something simple which lines up with other large life decisions we’ve had to make.

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