Dev’s have stated in a community council meeting last week that they’d add the Urbie if enough people preordered. This was followed up about a few hours after the preorders opened up with, “As to Urban Mech sales, the update is that things have gone fairly well. We have achieved about 1/3 of the sales needed in this first day”

Source is here: https://twitter.com/russ_bullock/status/557688373562081280

So, expansions in the MMO space, not a new thing, EQ has quite a few of them now, and with Warlord Of Draenor we see WOW moving up to five of them, and another game I play Star Trek Online has just launched Delta Rising it’s second expansion. STO is the free to play MMO I’ve stuck with, or more so keep returning to, Wow I come and go from time to time. Both do things a little differently, both introduce new mechanics and content, both move the finish line in an effort to keep people logging back in.

Will touch back on these in a few months.


I’ve played 40k on and off since Rogue Trader in my early years of High School. Yes that makes me old. With the cancellation of THQ’s Dark Millenium, no official word on Space Marine 2 (it’s gone dammit!) and Dawn of War 3 somewhere else thats neither confirmed or not confirmed…. This will have to do. It’s touted as an MMO, which it is, and will play in the same vein as Planetside 2, being third person with large open battlefields and lots of things to do.

There will be a PVP focus, with PVE elements in the form of small instances (?? I think) and PVE bits inside the open world within faction territory to drive game story. I’ve brought in like I normally do for F2p and been able to reserve some name for my Marines.

all three marines

The boys above are screenshots taken from Space Marine on PC, which the devs for EC have noted as being a vague influence.