As well as GOG downloader, and a couple of others I’ve forgotten over the years, seems everyone wants a shopfront in front of you every day. I can see why. steams the one on the left.

steam and origin

Digital is nice, I’m currently doing it with my book collection…(several thousand titles), taking a while.

china rising expax

Apparently started yesterday, but only if you purchased the Premium upgrade, which well i didn’t because i ordered the Digital delux, which included the expac, but not early access. Wtf? Anyways i want the other 4 coming so i coughed up for the Premium.

bf4 after 3 games

Too early to tell honestly, also i have none of the weapons unlocked i prefer (read that as shotguns). a Few points of note, AA tanks are horrible at killing infantry, but you get incremental dmg recognition for dmging vehicles which is nice, so you hit a vehicle a few times (and cause actual dmg, so no pistol sniping MBT’s) and you get 1’s and 2’s…

Also medic revives seem different, although i’ve not played more than 10 minutes of infantry only, so ill wait and see on that.

One thing which hasn’t changed, I haven’t the foggiest when it comes to piloting helicopters.

So this is my third game, on the 64 player version of Siege of Shanghai. The map has massive vertical space, collapsing skyscrapers and well people who QQ about bad helicopter pilots. Feels smoother that BF3, but a bit buggy (since its a BETA this is expected to be resolved before launch).