So, expansions in the MMO space, not a new thing, EQ has quite a few of them now, and with Warlord Of Draenor we see WOW moving up to five of them, and another game I play Star Trek Online has just launched Delta Rising it’s second expansion. STO is the free to play MMO I’ve stuck with, or more so keep returning to, Wow I come and go from time to time. Both do things a little differently, both introduce new mechanics and content, both move the finish line in an effort to keep people logging back in.

Will touch back on these in a few months.

So lots of things and I’ve been less busy lately so a bit more gaming.

More mechs, the Resistance Pack is out, contains 4 IS mechs
resistance pack

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Legendary Cloak.
So went back to Wow after 14 or so months off, decided to grind out the cloak before it was removed. Done, done and done. Ready to retire the character and go back to playing druid for WOD.

More to come later today.


Which well, great but for one thing. It’s not smart enough to include things I own, like SC1 and BW, which I owed outright, and again as part of theSC2 Collectors I brought. I know they’re not available as digital downloads, but this is a launcher, the option would be nice.