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Login between Feb 22 and Tuesday Feb 25th and win 5 game to score a free Mechbay with a Centurion 9a-(Champion) edition for free!

MWOMERCS.Com to get started (game is free).

So one of the issues im facing is that (yes first world problems) my upload speed is a piddly ~100kpbs which means its about an hour to upload a ten minute video to Youtube. This also prevents streaming, which should have been a non issue if the Labor gov’t NBN fibre to the premises was retain but down here our last Federal election put the guys from the right side in power and one of the first things they did was decide to review a slew of the previous incumbents projects. NBN was changed from Fibre to 95% or greater to every dwelling to lets put in ADSL cabinets at the end of every street to save money. (hint the new adsl version won’t save money and its ass backwards anyway).

So who benefits? Not the consumer in my opinion, but what can I really do. Full disclosure, i work for Telstra, and my work mobile doesn’t really have a data limit, since I do after hours work on clients who need things fixed fast, i need quick reliable access into the work network to get to the systems I use for my position. So, I essentially have the same download speed as my home ADSL2+ (from iinet) in a portable device that also has roughly the same upload speed. FML

This test was taken at the edge of the CBD at 12.30pm (peak) when every man woman and wombat is on the phone checking things over lunch. I had 4 bars out of 5, so some attenuation due to being downstairs in the back room at home and I still managed to flog my ADSL2+ service (which im very very happy with btw!) I’ll grab my ADSL results once this current video is up on YT.

my mobile phone speedtest

versus my ADSL2+ service

adsl2+ test

ps I’ve usually seen my ADSL higher than this for down, Twitch and Youtube both running terribly right now so possibly issues with the provider.

Fourth playthrough, I think im missing one combo weapon, I’ll have to track down a list. I originally wanted to do a 100% run, all challenges all survivors and all psychos but Nightmare mode significantly reduces the time you have, given my linear play I don’t think I can get this done in the 5 and a half days you get. Also unsure if watching the cutscenes actually triggers a pause for the ingame clock, I’ll have to check that.

As well as GOG downloader, and a couple of others I’ve forgotten over the years, seems everyone wants a shopfront in front of you every day. I can see why. steams the one on the left.

steam and origin

Digital is nice, I’m currently doing it with my book collection…(several thousand titles), taking a while.


So the score is 700+ but i wasted a lot of shots, and well i’ve seen people get 7 kills with 700 dmg, (dual gauss is nice when you can hit things)

A tribute to Kin3ticX which includes me playing Bad, although my excuse is that the guys i was with are much higher ELO than me (