MWO no money down

After 2172 drops im at 0.9kd and 1.3 w/l. Probably half that was solo and half of those solo’s were before i had an idea and joined a merc corp. So I’ve only been really not a complete tard in the last couple of months. I’m running a Spider 5k as i need to up my light played time and I have 8 days of freebs on Premium, 1 for the download of the client and 7 for Festivus

1 week free here from Main page

So without paying for MC mechs which confer a 30%cbill bonus for Heros or 10%xp bonus for champions I’m going to see how I go. I have 4 Mechbays which means I can buy 3 Spiders and Master them, and something else for SnGs.

china rising expax

Apparently started yesterday, but only if you purchased the Premium upgrade, which well i didn’t because i ordered the Digital delux, which included the expac, but not early access. Wtf? Anyways i want the other 4 coming so i coughed up for the Premium.