Lost track of time, not because of the XBone, more so because I had to work all weekend, I’ve started Ryse, which is lots of fun, and crammed a couple of hours into killing Zombie hordes in DR3, which is also a LOT of fun. Will sort out how to upload from the console to YT soon and post some fail achievements as I get them :>


So the two big ships i missed I can still get with LTI, Catterpillar and the Starfarer will finally join my fleet. Lifetime insurance is nice too.

Call of Duty Almosts

So one thing which as a person (yeah i count apparently, haha which annoys me mildly is waiting in line. It seems Gabe and co have allowed this phenomenon, the whole day one line to evolve, (sorry if that word offends). If you don’t like that word then transmogrify, like in Dark knights of Krynn (years before wow used it) now you have e-queues, and im sure some patent assertion entity will up and litigate soon, because thats also the new thing to do.

bf4 after 3 games

Too early to tell honestly, also i have none of the weapons unlocked i prefer (read that as shotguns). a Few points of note, AA tanks are horrible at killing infantry, but you get incremental dmg recognition for dmging vehicles which is nice, so you hit a vehicle a few times (and cause actual dmg, so no pistol sniping MBT’s) and you get 1’s and 2’s…

Also medic revives seem different, although i’ve not played more than 10 minutes of infantry only, so ill wait and see on that.

One thing which hasn’t changed, I haven’t the foggiest when it comes to piloting helicopters.