So Boar’s head, I checked my stats, now officially my most played Mech. Weird since its the newest, and well… I love playing my AS7-DD-C Kong. Anyway, proof that hiding works, and you can win at the end of a game if you play the objective. Derp team. But well they slowed the bad guys enough to have them leave kappa WAAAAAY to late when they should have gone for our spawn anyway.

Also Solo drop. 23 pugs.

Spiders are fixed

So yeah a game the other day when I logged in last minute and one of the guys had to go so I was invited to fill a spot shooting LRMS (5’s specifically, 6 of them)

They other team were goofing, this was NOT a serious drop, it was the end of the night US time and most of them crashed after this drop, having said that, Including internals each Spider took enough dmg averaged out to kill a lance of 12 Atlai (credit to Bogmali for the pluralisation, it seems to have stuck) if hit CT only. For reference that’s a mech that weighs 30 tonnes vs the Assault which weighs 100.

Anyways I play both so haha and QQ in equal measure for me. Few mechs currently can consistantly get to <40% overall and still be combat effective. Locusts will be interesting in a few days when I finally get mine.

So this is my third game, on the 64 player version of Siege of Shanghai. The map has massive vertical space, collapsing skyscrapers and well people who QQ about bad helicopter pilots. Feels smoother that BF3, but a bit buggy (since its a BETA this is expected to be resolved before launch).