A New character just hitting 30, right through to world tier 5 unlock. One thing the developers have added to the Division since launch was world tier difficulty. Whats this? Well mobs running round out in the game zone can be scaled up by the player to be harder, and consequently drop better loot.

These videos are just under 3.5 hours of a brand new 30 unlocking World tier 5. It could probably be done in 2 hours, and if you have friends or just mooch from your other characters all of 30 seconds.

So Xcom 2, double the unforgiving fun of the first game, AND 90% chance to hit still equates to missing half the time.


Yes in the between times before GECK was among us and well sometime after, people figured out how to mod Fallout 4. I think it took about 5 hours before Nexusmods had mods up.

Godrays are off as they are His Domain and not for the ken of even SLI 980ti’s….. everything else is maxed @ 1440p which Youtube is kind enough to downscale on me since I have such low viewership. Things to look forward to.


NexusModmanager from www.nexusmods.com
Vogue ENB by Gamevogue – (ver 0.288) A note this is friggin amazing.
4k HD testures – Power Armors – complete pack By Coldchaos
Quieter generator Sounds – By Lemures
Easy Hacking – By Zilav
Easy Lockpicking – By The Iron Rose
Higher Settlement Budget – By Grimtech
Functional Weapon Racks = By SecretAgent99
Simple Intersection – By Draco856
Working Food Planters – by Dominik Rungelrath
FAR – Far Area Reform (LOD) by SparrowPrince
Vivid Fallout – by Hein84
WET – By SparrowPrince
Power Everywhere Long Range Pylon – By Dorpz
Homemaker – Expanded Settlenmetns — By NovaCoru
Scrap Scrap – By Jayrun
Settlement Supplies Expanded 2.5 – Troy Irving
Snap N Build Greenhouse – by ad3d0
Darker Nights – Set to level 5 – by Unforbidable
Pipboyshadows – by McGuffin
Remove Interiror Fog – by Abbalovesyou
VividFallout – Rocks – by Hein84
A little bit of Green – Stephanie Young and Cippriano
Black and White Pipboy – By mm137
Busty v3 – by tonicmole and konitschiwa
Chem Redux by Derp aka herpdesrp2332
Enchanced Blood testures – by dDefinder
Fallout testure overhaul Stars – by Gorgulla
Immersive mouth and teeth by Clearanceclarence
Imrpoved map with visible roads – by mm137
Institute power armore by Jamie1992 AKA Steelhawk
Eyes of Beauty Fallout edition by Lograam aka Gabriel Mailhot

NBN Speeds

So things tanked for a bit, not enough backhaul, this was due to Netflix, speeds were lower that ADSL1, so 3 / 20, was fixed and seems ok~ish for the most part now.